Missional Ministry Tracks

Individuals pursuing Lay Deacon ministry in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod should follow the track prescribed by their District. Listed below are a few districts and their requirements. Students in other districts or organizations pursuing Lay Deacon ministry (or whatever ministry title is being assigned) should select courses and accumulate the total number of course hours required by the group through which they seeking certification. If you have any questions, please contact us or your LCMS district office.

MTC also recognizes ministry track certification after successfully completing at least 50 hours in a specific area. A person desiring to serve in a ministry context is encouraged to develop a specific learning track by choosing courses totaling at least 50 hours which will be most helpful in the local ministry context and/or ministry functions assigned or pursuing. Examples of possible tracks are noted under, “Individual Learning & Growth” below.

Additional Resources

Sunday Sermon

  • Are you a lay leader or pastor who prepares and plans for worship?
  • Could you use help with sermon preparation?
  • Do you lead a Bible study focusing on the Sunday readings?

What if you could get a FREE commentary on the upcoming Scripture readings for the next Sunday EVERY WEEK in your email inbox? That is what Mission Training Center provides through Sunday Sermon, facilitated by Rev. Dr. Phil Brandt, former Chair of the Religion Department at Concordia University, Portland, Oregon and current pastor at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Portland.

 Sunday Sermon is:

  • A weekly commentary on the upcoming Scripture readings emailed to your inbox.
  • An online resource library of all previous commentaries.

To be added to the email list, contact MTC@MissionTrainingCenter.com and request to join Sunday Sermon. You may unsubscribe from this list at any time by sending an email to the same address with ‘Unsubscribe from Sunday Sermon’ in the subject line.

ESL Training

For ESL Learners — The following PDF’s are aids in teaching The Christian Faith (Doctrine) Course.

Northwest District Resources

Finds links to other sites that offer additional resources: http://nowlcms.org/crossroads/resources
The Northwest District website has a growing resource library that includes resources vetted by work groups from across the district. These include videos, links, PDFs and other documents.

View the Simple English Catechism Commentaries at Vimeo Ethnic Immigrant Leaders of the NOW District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod provide commentary in their first languages. The commentaries are a supplemental aid for instructors teaching the Simple English Doctrine Course (“The Christian Faith“) to ESL learners.