Spiritual Leadership Formation

Class Dates: Nov 6, 2023 - Dec 2, 2023
Day/Time: See Course Description
Length: ~4 Weeks / 8 Hours
Note: Opens on Nov 6 Zoom Mtg Dec 2 9am-Noon Pacific
Instructor: Rev. Tim Bayer
Cost: $150

Course Description


This course directs students toward their personal spiritual habits and spiritual leadership development. Faith nurturing experiences will focus on regular use of the Scriptures, sabbath, sacraments, prayer, meditation, service, corporate activities, and mentoring.

~4 weeks / 8 hours


  • This course will be taught in a hybrid manner, through the learning management system, Canvas. It will utilize both asynchronous and synchronous learning techniques.
  • The course will open on the day noted on the schedule.
    • Over the next four weeks, the student will have access to the online course videos and assignments.
    • The student is expected to interact with the materials and instructor in an independent study manner as directed in the course.
  • One Zoom meeting will be held on the day and time noted on the schedule.

Please contact the MTC office if you have questions about the schedule.

Goals and Objectives


MTC students will
  1. ground their lives in the truth of God’s Word.
  2. translate their knowledge and skills into mission action.
  3. serve as unifying mission leaders in their communities.
  4. pursue ongoing learning for service in mission and ministry.


Being Objectives (Spiritual Formation): The student will

  1. exhibit characteristics of a spiritual missionary, whose habit for life and ministry centers in the Lord Jesus Christ found in Scripture.
  2. be a leader who is continuous in Bible study.
  3. recognize that leaders develop the essential of spiritual authority based in Jesus Christ for outreach and mission.
  4. be a leader who prays.
  5. acquire a devout appreciation for the redeeming and sanctifying activity of God in preparation of oneself and others as spiritual leaders in Christ’s Church.
  6. appreciate the vital role pastors and Christian leaders play as trainers of spiritual leaders.
  7. continually mature in the ability to lead God’s people and develop an approach that learns vicariously from the lives of others.

Knowing Objectives (Cognitive Formation): The student will

  1. be sensitive to and appreciate the skills involved in identifying, forming, and releasing spiritual leaders into ministry responsibilities.
  2. demonstrate a basic knowledge of the Scriptural direction and intent regarding leadership formation, especially as it pertains to the missio Dei.
  3. acquire a basic understanding of the leadership theory, principles, and terminology developed in the literature.
  4. express an understanding of a number of training strategies designed to develop effective spiritual leadership at various levels in the congregation.

Doing Objectives (Conative Formation): The student will

  1. develop and maintain effective skills and interpersonal relationships with future leaders within the context of Law and Gospel.
  2. develop a strategy for identifying, developing, and releasing future leaders into ministry.
  3. develop an individualized plan which intends to shape and form the student to be more Christ-like.
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