Starting New Ministries

Class Dates: Aug 5, 2021 - Aug 26, 2021
Day/time: Thursdays 6-8 PM (Pacific)
Length: 4 WEEKS / 8 HOURS
Instructor: Rev. Dr. Peter Meier

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Course Description


This course is designed to begin to equip leaders with models, principles, strategies, and methodologies for starting new ministries: planting new churches, starting faith communities, imagining ways to connect with the people in a community, etc. Each start will have an apostolic ethos of continual reproduction. It surveys Biblical materials on starting new ministries, examines recent literature and resources, and evaluates successful ministry starts.

4 weeks / 8 hours

Goals and Objectives

Being Objectives (Spiritual Formation): The student will

  1. have a renewed love for the Church;
  2. have a deep conviction concerning the Biblical priority of starting new ministries;
  3. have a broken heart for the lost, especially for those who have no place to gather;
  4. lead others by being a servant and a Chief-Repenter;
  5. realize the priority of prayer and how to build a prayer team;
  6. understand the priority of having a clear call.

Knowing Objectives (Cognitive Formation): The student will

  1. understand why ecclesia exists;
  2. identify any start’s priorities in ministry;
  3. know how to determine the core motivations for ministry;
  4. understand how ministries work together;
  5. know how to raise and manage ministry finances;
  6. understand how to build a launch team;
  7. know how to lead and manage any new start;
  8. understand how to personally survive and thrive in ministry.

Doing Objectives (Conative Formation): The student will

  1. begin to make decisions and plans to move into a new start mindset and activity;
  2. develop an intentional discipleship strategy which focuses on training local people to live and think with a new start mindset.

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