Congregational Change: Recognizing and Managing It

Class Dates: DEC 20 - DEC 22
Day/time: Mondays 6:00-8:00 PM (PST)
Length: 4 WEEKS / 8 HOURS
Instructor: Dr. Diane Zemke

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Course Description


This course provides tools and resources for working with congregational change. Perspectives on change will be explored from leadership and organizational studies blending it with wisdom from spirituality and religious studies. The course will examine the nature of the congregation with respect to change and change enacted in a congregational setting. Students will do a self-study of their own congregation and create a plan for a change initiative.

4 weeks / 8 hours

Goals and Objectives

Being Objectives (Spiritual Formation): The student will

  1. recognize the deep-seated emotions and spirituality associated with traditions and stasis.
  2. realize that change can be a God-blessed endeavor.
  3. depend upon God and His Spirit to guide any change and develop God-pleasing ministries.

Knowing Objectives (Cognitive Formation): The student will

  1. describe strategies to constructively work with conflict, dissent, and grief as they are manifested during change and decline.
  2. learn how a congregational life cycle, culture, structure, spirituality, and narratives support and thwart congregational change.
  3. learn to identify decline in a congregation and strategies for renewal.
  4. identify how commitment supports and thwarts congregational change initiatives.

Doing Objectives (Conative Formation): The student will

  1. develop a self-study of their congregation and assess it for change.
  2. develop the skills to become competent change agents within their context.

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