Spiritually Caring for Your Community

Class Dates: Sep 04, 2021 - Oct 23, 2021
Day/time: Saturdays 8-10 AM (Pacific)
Length: 8 WEEKS / 16 HOURS
Instructor: Rev. Dr. Robin Dugall

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Course Description

MTC010 Spiritually Caring for Your Community

This course is designed to provide the student with an overview of the spiritual care in the Body of Christ. Caring for others involves the knowledge, giftedness, and desire to deal gently with those whom we are called to serve. Students will learn to “carry each other’s burdens,” to “love as we have been loved,” and to embody the love of God in acts of care and service.

8 weeks / 16 hours

Goals and Objectives

Being Objectives (Spiritual Formation): The student will

  1. become a more thoughtful, helpful, appropriate, and honest shepherd for the blessing and benefit of the people being served whether that be in an apostolic, prophetic, shepherd, teacher, or evangelist role;
  2. become a better “story-teller” helping not only to understand, comprehend, and articulate the faith journey faithfully but also to do so in the context of community and relationships bringing God’s creative and redemptive Word to bear in all of life situations and circumstances for the purposes of healing;
  3. grow in appreciation for the beauty, strength, richness, depth, and liveliness of God’s Spirit.

Knowing Objectives (Cognitive Formation): The student will

  1. demonstrate familiarity with a variety of divergent caring/shepherding issues that frequently present themselves in a congregational environment;
  2. recognize and appropriately discern psychological, spiritual, and emotional struggles in the context of love;
  3. be aware of Biblical passages that speak to the caring/shepherding needs of members of the Body of Christ;
  4. understand and begin to put into practice skills in relationship development (especially the skill of effective listening) in sharing the love of Christ with those in need because of illness, grief, or personal struggle with addictive or destructive habitual behavior;
  5. recognize and address the levels of faith development where people may be found and the ability to help each one grow in faith;
  6. understand the meaning of personal/organizational/professional boundaries in meeting with people in appropriate circumstances and asking for help and making appropriate referrals;
  7. demonstrate a growing understanding of caring/shepherding ministry and how that relates to major life passage issues – baptism, confirmation, marriage, death.

Doing Objectives (Conative Formation): The student will

  1. engage in visits and conversations of spiritual care ministry;
  2. demonstrate familiarity with a variety of methodologies used in spiritual care ministry.

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