God’s Mission in the Early Church: The Time of Christ–1500 AD

Class Dates: Oct 05, 2021 - Oct 26, 2021
Day/time: Tuesdays 6-8 PM (Pacific)
Length: 4 WEEKS / 8 HOURS
Instructor: Dr. Linda Borecki

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Course Description


This course explores the history and workings of the early church: God’s missional purpose being worked out in the first fifteen centuries of Christ’s Church, and implications for knowing the presence, power, and purpose of God in our time, in our life, and in our calling.

4 weeks / 8 hours

Goals and Objectives

Being Objectives (Spiritual Formation): The student will

  1. learn how God has moved in history through the Church, accomplishing His mission of revelation and reconciliation;
  2. grow in Wisdom – discerning God and God’s ways;
  3. recognize the ever-present guidance of the Holy Spirit in the Church and in the world;
  4. develop the propensity to relieve the suffering of others, that is, empathy that leads to action, in one’s life in general, and one’s ministry specifically;
  5. attend to the presence and power of the Triune God in His Church from the time of Christ until the Reformation and grow in discerning the implications for one’s own context.

Knowing Objectives (Cognitive Formation): The student will

  1. increase in critical thinking skills and intuition;
  2. learn a basic historical overview of the movement of God’s mission through His church from Christ until 1500 AD.

Doing Objectives (Conative Formation): The student will

  1. practice applying knowledge gained appropriately in contemporary ministry contexts;
  2. research and present a case study, in class, documenting the theological reflections, art, music, liturgy, social, and political circumstances from some historical instance of the Christian Church, from the time of Christ until 1500 AD.

13 in stock

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