Leading and Creating Christ-Centered Lutheran Worship

Class Dates: Mar 02, 2021 - Mar 23, 2021
Day/time: Tuesdays 6-8 PM (Pacific)
Length: 4 WEEKS / 8 HOURS
Instructor: Dr. Linda Borecki

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Course Description


Building on the Lutheran understanding of worship, students will briefly survey and evaluate worship forms and practices in use in varied cultural settings. They will learn to lead traditional forms of worship as well as lead and develop worship services that communicate Law and Gospel effectively to both the churched and unchurched while remaining faithful to a Lutheran liturgical heritage.

4 weeks / 8 hours

Goals and Objectives

Being Objectives (Spiritual Formation): The student will

  1. recognize that both personal and corporate worship are a response to the missio Dei.
  2. recognize God’s initiating actions in worship as He calls, invites, and gathers His people, as well as our response.
  3. embrace the Christocentric and sacramental character of Lutheran worship.
  4. demonstrate an interest in and commitment to liturgical worship.

Knowing Objectives (Cognitive Formation): The student will

  1. become aware of the basic historical roots and development of Lutheran liturgical traditions.
  2. identify a variety of worship resources and approaches developed for outreach to various cultural groups.
  3. apply Lutheran theological criteria in the evaluation of resources for worship.

Doing Objectives (Conative Formation): The student will

  1. demonstrate sensitivity to diverse populations so as to select appropriate liturgical approaches.
  2. learn to analyze, assess, and adapt worship resources according to Biblical and confessional standards.
  3. contextualize the forms of Lutheran worship to the cultural idiom of the community without compromising the gospel.

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